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Laser Hair ReDUCTION

Laser Hair Reduction in Houston, TX*

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Houston area patients who have been considering laser hair reduction are not alone. According to anrecent ASPS survey, laser hair reduction is actually the number one cosmetic laser procedure and is second to BOTOX® and injectable fillers in non-surgical cosmetic procedures in the US. Laser hair reduction can remove between 80% and 100% of hair in a specific area. Men typically remove hair from their chest, legs, arms and face while women focus on the legs, bikini area, underarms and face. Using the most technologically advanced system, the LIGHTSheer® Duet™, Dr. Kridel and Dr. Sturm help patients from the Houston area remove unwanted hair.

The FPSA Difference

At FPSA, you have the comfort of knowing that you are in the hands of experts. Dr. Kridel and Dr. Sturm are facial plastic surgeons specializing exclusively in the face and neck. Your treatments will be done by Dr. Angela Sturm or a registered nurse in the comfort and safety of a beautiful medical office overlooking Rice University. FPSA is always a leader in laser technology. FPSA was the first plastic surgery practice in the Texas Medical Center to offer the LIGHTSheer® Duet™. Dr. Kridel has written medical journal articles and given talks to other physicians all around the world on the use of laser technology.

Laser Speed and Effectiveness

At FPSA, we believe that the differences between the LIGHTSheer® Duet™ and other laser hair reduction systems is night and day as it performs 75% faster than other laser systems, and is virtually pain free in larger treatment areas with no topical aesthetic cream needed. Just about any body part can be treated. Imagine, hair reduction on full legs that used to take 3 hours now only takes about 25 minutes! Full backs that used to take 4 to 5 hours now only take about 40 minutes!

Procedure Technique

This laser’s energy has a specific wavelength that is absorbed by the dark pigment in the area that causes hair growth located in the root of the hair follicle while not heating the rest of the skin. This pigment is present only when the hair is in its active growth stage. The stages of hair growth are active, nourishing and resting. When hair is in any stage other than active, it’s not producing the pigment the laser targets. For the laser hair reduction to treat these hairs successfully, the hairs must pass into the active stage. After the treatment, the hair falls out over the next 1 to 2 weeks. Because hair grows in phases, it takes an average of 10+ treatments spaced 4 to 7 weeks apart, to achieve complete results.

Expected Cost

The cost for laser hair reduction will depend on various factors. This includes the size of the area being treated and the number of sessions. For areas such as the bikini and underarms, the approximate cost is about $200 per session. These areas often take fewer sessions to produce good results. Larger areas, such as the back and legs, will require more time and will cost more. On average, these larger areas are about $600-$800 per treatment. The overall range is $100-$500 per area per session.  Laser hair reduction can be purchased by individual session or as a package.  Since multiple sessions are needed for the most effective results, we recommend a package, so that patients can also receive a multi-session discount. Laser Hair Reduction at FPSA is competitive to medical spas but the treatment is performed by either Dr. Angela Sturm or a Registered Nurse, so you are in highly trained hands in a safe, beautiful medical office environment.

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Average Cost  
$100 - $500
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Laser Hair Reduction FAQs

Ideal Candidate?

The LIGHTSheer Duet is appropriate for men and women of all skin colors. Since pigment is needed to absorb the energy, this laser is most effective on brown or black hair and ineffective on light blond, grey or white hair. Also, keep in mind that you should wait until a tan fades before planning a laser hair reduction treatment, as dark or tanned skin attracts more light energy, drawing the energy away from hair follicles, so you risk experiencing burning, skin discoloration, or not removing all of the unwanted hair.

Why Multiple Sessions?

Hair growth occurs in cycles. Some hairs may be in the middle of their growth phase during the treatment session, while others may be dormant. Spreading out the treatment allows the dormant hairs to grow so that all of the hairs are eventually targeted during treatment. Between treatments, the hairs that do grow can be shaved because the follicle is not affected.  

What is the Recovery?

Laser hair reduction results in zero downtime. The skin may be pink and a tingling sensation may reside on the treated area for a couple of hours after treatment. Patients can leave their appointment and go directly back to work.

Will the Hair Grow Back?

Laser hair reduction is considered one of the best solutions for hair reduction, however it is referred to as semi-permanent. There can still be some minor hair growth that occurs where the laser technology did not hit. Therefore, even though the majority of the hair will be gone, some hairs can still pop up. Patients find that these are tremendously easier to manage than before the original treatments and find they are usually finer in texture. Additional laser hair reduction treatments can also be scheduled to take care of any future growth if needed.

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