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Botox and Fillers: What is the Big Difference?

Dr. Sean Delaney | 10/03/2022

Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Delaney explains the difference between Botox and Fillers.


Rhinoplasty (aka Nose Job) FAQs

Dr. Sean Delaney | 09/29/2022

Houston TX, Rhinoplasty expert Dr. Sean Delaney answers several most frequently asked questions regarding Rhinoplasty


Top 6 procedures that complement Rhinoplasty surgery in 2022

Dr. Sean Delaney | 09/22/2022

Houston, TX Rhinoplasty expert and board certified facial plastic surgeon review the 6 most popular procedures to complement Rhinoplasty in 2022.


Daxxify neurotoxin recently FDA-approved for frown line treatment

Dr. Sean Delaney | 09/16/2022

Clinical trials show promising results lasting on average 6 months and up to 9 month in certain cases.


Tips on how to prepare the perfect mustache dressing following nasal surgery

Dr. Sean Delaney | 08/30/2022

Houston Rhinoplasty Expert Dr. Sean Delaney shares tips on how to create the perfect mustache dressing to use after rhinoplasty and septoplasty.


Why is revision rhinoplasty so much more challenging that primary rhinoplasty?

Dr. Sean Delaney | 08/22/2022

Houston, TX Rhinoplasty expert Dr. Sean Delaney explains why revision rhinoplasty is much more challenging than primary rhinoplasty.


3 surgical options for improving the appearance of the aging midface.

Dr. Sean Delaney | 08/15/2022

Dr. Delaney reviews the surgical options available to treat midface volume loss


What is the difference between a mini-facelift and a traditional facelift?

Dr. Sean Delaney | 08/08/2022

Board-certified Facial Plastic surgeon Dr. Sean Delaney explains the differences between a mini-facelift and a traditional facelift.


Question: I’ve been told that I have a deviated septum. Now what?

Dr. Sean Delaney | 08/03/2022

Houston, TX Rhinoplasty expert Dr. Sean Delaney explains the significance of having a deviat


Question: Can rhinoplasty reduce the size of a bulbous nose?

Dr. Sean Delaney | 07/25/2022

Houston, TX facial plastic surgeon and rhinoplasty expert Dr. Sean Delaney answers questions regarding rhinoplasty.


How do you manage a bulbous nose caused by Rhinophyma?

Dr. Sean Delaney | 07/14/2022

Houston, TX facial plastic surgeon and Rhinoplasty expert Dr. Sean Delaney explains the treatment for this disfiguring condition.


What is Sculptra and how is it used to reduce signs of aging?

Dr. Sean Delaney | 06/13/2022

How is Sculptra different from your typical Hyaluronic acid facial fillers?


How do your facial features affect the perceived size of your nose?

Dr. Sean Delaney | 06/01/2022

The perception of nasal size is all relative!


How do the nasal bones heal when they are broken during rhinoplasty surgery?

Dr. Sean Delaney | 05/12/2022

How do the controlled fractures heal following nasal surgery?


How do we create inconspicuous facelift incisions?

Dr. Sean Delaney | 05/02/2022

Dr. Delaney reviews how create natural facelift results at FSPA.


Feel that your nostrils are too large for your nose or your face?

Dr. Sean Delaney | 04/25/2022

Dr. Delaney discusses a nostril narrowing procedure that can be performed during a rhinoplasty.


Non-surgical management options for nasal septal perforations.

Dr. Sean Delaney | 04/19/2022

What can you do besides surgery to improve symptoms caused by a nasal septal perforation?


Morpheus 8 by Inmode - What does it do?

Dr. Sean Delaney | 04/12/2022

Dr. Delaney reviews a new, exciting treatment options offered by FPSA


How has the Selfie changed our self image?

Dr. Sean Delaney | 04/07/2022

Specifically, how has the Selfie changed our perception of how our noses appear?


Can patients taking Accutane for severe acne undergo Rhinoplasty surgery?

Dr. Sean Delaney | 03/25/2022

Dr. Delaney explains the precautions taken with Accutane (Isotretinoin) therapy.


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