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How do the nasal bones heal when they are broken during rhinoplasty surgery?

Dr. Sean Delaney | 05/12/2022

How do the controlled fractures heal following nasal surgery?


How do we create inconspicuous facelift incisions?

Dr. Sean Delaney | 05/02/2022

Dr. Delaney reviews how create natural facelift results at FSPA.


Feel that your nostrils are too large for your nose or your face?

Dr. Sean Delaney | 04/25/2022

Dr. Delaney discusses a nostril narrowing procedure that can be performed during a rhinoplasty.


Non-surgical management options for nasal septal perforations.

Dr. Sean Delaney | 04/19/2022

What can you do besides surgery to improve symptoms caused by a nasal septal perforation?


Morpheus 8 by Inmode - What does it do?

Dr. Sean Delaney | 04/12/2022

Dr. Delaney reviews a new, exciting treatment options offered by FPSA


How has the Selfie changed our self image?

Dr. Sean Delaney | 04/07/2022

Specifically, how has the Selfie changed our perception of how our noses appear?


Can patients taking Accutane for severe acne undergo Rhinoplasty surgery?

Dr. Sean Delaney | 03/25/2022

Dr. Delaney explains the precautions taken with Accutane (Isotretinoin) therapy.


How to tell if you have suffered a nasal fracture?

Dr. Sean Delaney | 03/23/2022

Dr. Delaney explains nasal fractures and the reasons and timings of repair.


Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty - What to expect after surgery?

Dr. Sean Delaney | 03/15/2022

Nasal surgery after care explained by Dr. Delaney


Treating the double chin: Kybella versus liposuction.

Dr. Sean Delaney | 03/14/2022

Dr. Delaney discusses his preference for treating stubborn double chin fat.


Combining submalar cheek implants with a facelift.

Dr. Sean Delaney | 03/07/2022

Synergistic effect of tissue redraping and volume restoration.


Rhinoplasty terminology defined – what is Nasal Projection?

Dr. Sean Delaney | 03/02/2022

Nasal projection - an intuitively known but difficult to describe feature.


Carbon dioxide (CO2) laser skin resurfacing - the gold standard.

Dr. Sean Delaney | 02/28/2022

Dr. Delaney reviews basics of skin resurfacing to improve skin appearance.


Options for building up an underdeveloped chin

Dr. Sean Delaney | 02/21/2022

Chin augmentation can be performed through these thee types of treatments.


Facial Skeletal changes that occur with aging: an often overlooked issue.

Dr. Sean Delaney | 02/14/2022

How do facial skeletal changes over time affect our appearance?


Double chin surgery explained by Dr. Delaney

Dr. Sean Delaney | 02/10/2022

How submental liposuction is performed and who makes a good candidate explained.


Dr. Delaney demystifies facelift procedures

Dr. Sean Delaney | 02/07/2022

Dr. Delaney explains the differences between different facial lift surgeries


The FPSA Injectables Experience: Why we were voted Houston’s Best of the Best.

Dr. Sean Delaney | 01/31/2022

Measure that the team FPSA take to provide the best injectables experience.


FaceTite: Minimally Invasive Facial Contouring as a Facelift Alternative.

Dr. Sean Delaney | 01/25/2022

FaceTite facial contouring with radiofrequency to melt fat and remodel tissue.


What does it mean to be a double board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon?

Dr. Sean Delaney | 01/24/2022

Dr. Delaney explains what it means to be double-board certified.


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