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The RHA® Collection (Resilient Hyaluronic Acid) of fillers are the latest advancement in hyaluronic fillers and the only FDA-approved line of hyaluronic acid fillers for dynamic areas of the face, which are the areas with the greatest movement. It is designed to look and feel more natural and more closely resemble the natural HA in your skin. Facial Plastic Surgery Associates is thrilled to be one of the few aesthetic and plastic surgery practices in Houston to be selected to offer this dermal filler.

RHA fillers have already gained a great deal of popularity in other countries for their natural-looking results, and we have added it to our wide range of fillers, neurotoxins and non-surgical anti-aging treatments.

Some patients have found that the use of traditional fillers over time has given them a more harsh, lumpy or pointed appearance. RHA can provide a more elegant and refined smoothing for those patients looking for a softer, more natural look. The RH fillers last for up to 15 months, but similar to other fillers, this timeline can vary from person to person.

Products in the RHA collection consists of multiple formulations that are indicated for different aesthetic concerns. Dr. Delaney will match the appropriate formulation based on the areas you desire for improvement and skin thickness. Each subtype of RHA is stratified based on its fluid properties which is how well it keeps its structure. It's not a stiff structure; it's more of a gentle contour to the face.

  • Perioral lines and lips: RHA Redensity for thinner skin, RHA Redensity or RHA 2 for regular to thicker skin
  • Submalar wrinkles (radial cheek lines): RHA 2
  • Marionette lines, mental crease, oral commisures: RHA 2 or RHA 3 for thinner skin, RHA 3 or RHA 4 for regular to thicker skin
  • Nasolabial folds: RHA 2 or RHA 3 for thinner skin, RHA 3 or RHA 4 for regular to thicker skin.

Most fillers are made with hyaluronic acid which is a polysaccharide that's naturally occurring in humans that retains moisture. These fillers, such as Restylane and Juvederm, were approved by the FDA for the treatment of static lines and wrinkles (the ones that form when your face is at rest.) The newer RHA Collection of fillers are made up of a type of hyaluronic acid that more closely resembles what naturally occurs in the body, were approved by the FDA for the treatment of dynamic lines and wrinkles. (These wrinkles happen when you animate, like smiling, frowning or laughing)

Facial Plastic Surgery Associates is one of the few selected providers in Houston. Our reputation as award-winning facial plastic surgeons and the Best of the Best in Houston for non-surgical treatments as well as best cosmetic surgeons are just a few of the many reasons our practice was one of the few plastic surgery practices selected by Revance to offer RHA Collection.



How is RHA different than other fillers that have been on the market?

The fillers in the RHA Collection crosslink longer chains of HA than other fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm. Because the HA is processed during manufacturing at a lower temperature, it keeps more of its natural structure which results in a more resilient and stable consistency, thus the name Resilient Hyaluronic Acid (RHA). RHA formula allows Dr. Delaney to inject more superficially, which gives a smoother result.

Who is a good candidate?

RHA Collection fillers are ideal for patients looking for natural, more undetectable filler results who want more subtle volume without it looking obvious that treatments have been done.

How long does it last?

Like other traditional fillers, the length of time RHA filler results last will vary by patient. As a general rule of thumb, RHA filler results last up to 15 months depending on the area that is injected.

When will I see results?

Like other dermal fillers, results are immediate with RHA Collection of fillers.

How much do RHA fillers cost?

RHA collection of fillers is priced similarly to other hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers.

Why is RHA Collection only available at limited locations like FPSA?

Facial Plastic Surgery Associates (FPSA) was selected as one of the first providers of the RHA Collection because of our reputation of providing exceptional patient results and outcomes.

Are RHA fillers right for me?

During your consultation, Dr. Sean Delaney will tailor a specific treatment plan designed to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. The treatment plan may include RHA fillers or a mix of RHA fillers and other injectables. You can expect to be with us for about an hour. You may also wish to proceed with injections at the time of your consultation.

Who makes RHA Collection of fillers?

Teoxane Laboratories developed the RHA dermal filler collection in Geneva, Switzerland. In the United States, Revance Therapeutics is the exclusive distributor.

Is there a comparison to other traditional fillers?

For dynamic moderate wrinkles, RHA 2 can be an alternative to Juvederm Volbella and Restylane Silk. For more severe dynamic wrinkles, RHA 3 can be an alternative to Juvederm Vollure and Restylane L. For the deepest lines and folds, particularly those along the lower face and jawline, RHA 4 can be an alternative to Juvederm Voluma and Restylane Lyft. From RHA Redensity to RHA 4, the amount of stretch decreases as the RHA number increases.

What are the side effects?

Like any injectable, while not common, there can be side effects. The most commonly ones reported for RHA Collection are injection-site redness, swelling, pain tenderness, firmness, bruising, discoloration and bruising.

Dr. Delaney is warm, insightful, and an excellent facial plastic surgeon. I have recently seen him for tear trough fillers; he took the time to explain the process, the tools he was using, and had no qualms with addressing any of my concerns before he began the procedures. He is passionately invested in the aesthetics and the quality of his work, while being equally concerned with his patients' well-being and their satisfaction with the overall outcome. A wonderful doctor with comprehensive knowledge in his field, he is someone I highly recommend if you are looking for superior results and exceptional care.

W.E. Google

Dr. Delaney did an amazing job with my turbinate hypertrophy and rhinoplasty surgery. He was incredibly skilled and provided thorough information throughout the process. I'm extremely happy with the results—I no longer have significant sinus problems, and I love my new nose. It’s very subtle and fits my face perfectly.

E.M. Google

Women regard their faces as their lives. If you want to make some changes because of the marks left by the years on your face, Then you should find Dr. Kridel, His exquisite skills are not to be missed. Dr. Delaney is also an expert who you can trust .Their team is caring and warm. I highly recommend this clinic.

PZ Other

I had a face lift and neck lift at this modern, spacious, immaculate facility. The staff and Dr. Sean Delaney are friendly, personable, knowledgeable and professional. I’m very pleased with surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Delaney.

M.P. Google

Dr. Kridel is a brilliant, compassionate surgeon (artist) who delivered the most natural appearance for my Sinuplasty-Rhinoplasty procedure. For decades every doctor i went to said ‘you have a deviated septum’. Honestly I put this surgery off for decades. There were a variety of reasons for the delay including recovery time, how I would look and which surgeon to select. I cannot thank Dr. Kridel & his staff & the nurses that took such good care of me. I have never breathed better in my life. The septum was approximately 90% closed. No one can believe I only had nose surgery. They swear I’ve had a facelift.! I sleep better. I feel better. I never have earaches anymore, and my eyes are as white as snow. I am a raving fan and am happy to give a 100% recommendation to Dr. Kridel & team. Sharon Williams Kirwan Houston, TX

S.W. Google


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