The Fellowship Program - Houston, TX

In his ongoing commitment to the specialty and to improving quality patient care, Dr. Kridel is a Fellowship Director for the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) Fellowship Program. The AAFPRS Fellowship Program is considered the best post-graduate program in the world for training facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons and is widely respected by the medical community at large. Through this program, surgeons refine their surgical techniques and develop new skills and specialized knowledge in facial plastic surgery. Dr. Kridel’s Fellowship Program is one of just 50 sanctioned programs across the United States and Canada and one of only three programs in Texas. Based on his reputation for superior surgical skills and innovative techniques, a fellowship with Dr. Kridel is one of the most sought after by the best and the brightest physicians that have graduated at the top of their respective medical training programs. He receives over 25 applicants each year from around the country just for the one position.

Dr. Delaney joins Dr. Kridel as a fellowship co-director in his commitment to educating the future generation of facial plastic surgeons. 

Cirugia Rinoplastía

Dr. Kridel’s PRIOR Fellows include:

  • Sean W. Delaney, MD
  • Tymon Tai, MD
  • Nicole Starr, MD
  • Claire Melancon, MD
  • Kevin Caceres, MD
  • Neela Rao, MD
  • Sagar Patel, MD
  • Jeffrey Watson, MD
  • Fred Aguilar MD
  • Kenneth Buchwach MD
  • Ed Szachowicz MD
  • Kevin Shumrick MD
  • Richard Price MD
  • Larry Marcus MD
  • J. Raymond Konoir MD
  • J.D. Gonzales MD
  • Fred Bressler MD
  • Bernard Pacella MD
  • Hossam Feda MD
  • Bruce Scott MD
  • Suzanne Yee MD
  • Kevin Lunde MD
  • Leonard Covello MD
  • Paul Evangelisti MD
  • Paul Kelly MD
  • Ali Rezaee MD
  • Kevin Cavanaugh MD
  • Edward Liu MD
  • Michel Siegel MD
  • Lee Klausner MD
  • Peyman Soliemanzadeh MD
  • Robert Chiu MD
  • Edward Kwak MD
  • Dominic Castellano MD
  • Matthew Bridges MD
  • Anand Patel MD
  • Samir Undavia MD
  • Ángela Sturm-O’Brien MD

Current Fellow:

Abdulrahman Al Edan, M.D., has joined the Facial Plastic Surgery Associates team through the esteemed fellowship led by Dr. Kridel and seeks to advance his training in Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery under the guidance of Dr. Kridel.