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Houston, TX facial plastic surgeons Dr. Russell Kridel and Dr. Sean Delaney offer brow lift surgery (also referred to as a forehead lift) for patients whose eyebrows have fallen with age and whose foreheads have deep wrinkles. You may think that your upper eyelids are the problem when actually, it’s the forehead that’s pushing down the eyelids and giving a tired, angry look. Brow lift surgery is a permanent way to improve deep forehead wrinkles and support and reshape drooping brows that develop after years of facial expression. It is a relatively minor procedure that will make a major difference in a patient’s overall appearance. This procedure can make you look anywhere from five to ten years younger after recovery.

Surgical Technique

The brow or forehead lift is often part of other rejuvenating procedures performed in one operating day. When doing a forehead or brow lift, Dr. Kridel and Dr. Delaney often use the endoscopic technique, making small, minimal incisions just behind the hairline. They place a scope under the forehead area to clip frown muscles. Using sutures, they pull up the brow and forehead to a higher, more youthful level. What’s great about the endoscopic forehead lift technique is that it doesn’t require an incision all the way across the forehead and scalp. However, for those with tall or excessively curved foreheads, the endoscope cannot reach. For these individuals, a different type of brow lift called a trichial lift may be more appropriate. With the trichial lift, the incision is hidden within the hairline and the incision is angled in such a way to allow for the hair to grow back through the scar to camouflage the resultant scar.

Brow Lift for Men

Dr. Kridel has performed thousands of brow lifts on men with great success in giving them a natural, yet youthful look. For men, the natural position of the eyebrow is slightly lower than a woman’s. This means there is less leeway before droopy eyebrows affect upper eyelids, resulting in a sad or tired appearance. In males, Dr. Kridel and Dr. Delaney take care not to elevate eyebrows too much as a high eyebrow is more appropriate for women.

During/After Surgery

Brow lifts are performed under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation as an outpatient procedure in an accredited surgical facility. The surgery typically takes around 2 hours to complete depending on the approach. Patients can generally return to work and resume normal activities within a week to 10 days following surgery. Patients may notice some bruising, numbness in the forehead and scalp, or raising eyebrows can feel odd.  These are small nuisances to most patients and will diminish over a rather short period of time. Facial features will settle and take on a natural look within a few weeks. It may take several months for the optimal surgical results to take effect.

Expected Costs

Brow lift surgery is tailored to every patient’s individual goals for aesthetic improvement. Most patients can expect to pay between $6,000-$7,000 for this procedure.

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Average Cost  
$6,000 - $7,000
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1-2 Weeks
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2-3 Hours
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1 Day
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Brow Lift FAQs

Same as a Facelift?

A forehead or brow lift is different than a facelift.  A brow lift addresses the forehead and eyebrows, which make up the upper one-third of the face. The MVP facelift addresses the lower two-thirds of the face and the neck. Therefore, combining the two procedures will be the optimal treatment plan for some patients.

Brow Lift or Facelift?

This will be discussed in detail during your initial consultation. Many times, the effects of aging take place in the forehead region alone. If wrinkles, loose skin, and sagging eyebrows exist on the forehead, then a brow lift or forehead lift may be sufficient. For drooping jowls and wrinkles along the lower area of the face, then another procedure such as a facelift may be worth consideration. Sometimes these procedures can be combined for maximum results.

Will I Look Fake?

While a brow lift produces results that allow patients to appear more awake and alert, the results are often subtle. An experienced surgeon will work within the confines of a patient’s facial structure and skin tone to create natural results that avoid a wide-eyed or surprised appearance.

Can I Just Use Botox?

No, not necessarily. BOTOX is a great non-surgical option that can improve the wrinkles and fine lines of the forehead. Botox can be injected under the tail of the eyebrow to give a person a "chemical" brow lift of 2-3 millimeters. However, it will not lift the central forehead and cannot adequately improve the appearance of hooded eyelids. Furthermore, for those who already have droopy brows, forehead Botox injections may exacerbate brow ptosis by paralyzing the frontalis muscle, which is the primary muscle that lifts the eyebrows.

Visible Scarring?

The incisions made during a brow lift procedure are usually well concealed once they heal. Whether they are placed in the hairline or hairline, every effort is made to keep the incisions along natural folds and hairlines, so they are not visible after surgery.

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