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Do you have skin blemishes and sunspots that bother you? Do you desire a brighter, more even complexion, but don’t want to have surgery? Lumecca IPL can be a great solution.

Lumecca IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment is one of the most advanced non-invasive skin treatments for achieving beautiful skin tone. The device emits precise pulses of light that directly heats brown pigments and superficial blood vessels to give you visible improvements.

It has a wide range of wavelengths suitable for treating various skin types, as well as skin areas and conditions, such as red spots, brown spots, hyperpigmentation, tiny veins, rosacea and melasma on the face, neck, upper chest, arms and hands to achieve younger-looking, more blemish-free skin.


Lumecca IPL is an innovative device that uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) that delivers up to 3X more energy in higher peak power ranges within the visible light spectrum. High peak power translates to optimal light absorption by hemoglobin and melanin which are the sources of discoloration and blemishes.

The Intense Pulsed Light selectively targets and treats skin conditions through selective photothermolysis. The technology is optimized for Fitzpatrick I, II and III skin types, negating the risk of Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH).
The tip of the device is made of sapphire which causes a strong cooling sensation and obviates the need for topical numbing, as well as protects the surface of the skin and makes the treatment comfortable and safe.

Dr. Delaney is warm, insightful, and an excellent facial plastic surgeon. I have recently seen him for tear trough fillers; he took the time to explain the process, the tools he was using, and had no qualms with addressing any of my concerns before he began the procedures. He is passionately invested in the aesthetics and the quality of his work, while being equally concerned with his patients' well-being and their satisfaction with the overall outcome. A wonderful doctor with comprehensive knowledge in his field, he is someone I highly recommend if you are looking for superior results and exceptional care.

W.E. Google

Dr. Delaney did an amazing job with my turbinate hypertrophy and rhinoplasty surgery. He was incredibly skilled and provided thorough information throughout the process. I'm extremely happy with the results—I no longer have significant sinus problems, and I love my new nose. It’s very subtle and fits my face perfectly.

E.M. Google

Women regard their faces as their lives. If you want to make some changes because of the marks left by the years on your face, Then you should find Dr. Kridel, His exquisite skills are not to be missed. Dr. Delaney is also an expert who you can trust .Their team is caring and warm. I highly recommend this clinic.

PZ Other

I had a face lift and neck lift at this modern, spacious, immaculate facility. The staff and Dr. Sean Delaney are friendly, personable, knowledgeable and professional. I’m very pleased with surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Delaney.

M.P. Google

Dr. Kridel is a brilliant, compassionate surgeon (artist) who delivered the most natural appearance for my Sinuplasty-Rhinoplasty procedure. For decades every doctor i went to said ‘you have a deviated septum’. Honestly I put this surgery off for decades. There were a variety of reasons for the delay including recovery time, how I would look and which surgeon to select. I cannot thank Dr. Kridel & his staff & the nurses that took such good care of me. I have never breathed better in my life. The septum was approximately 90% closed. No one can believe I only had nose surgery. They swear I’ve had a facelift.! I sleep better. I feel better. I never have earaches anymore, and my eyes are as white as snow. I am a raving fan and am happy to give a 100% recommendation to Dr. Kridel & team. Sharon Williams Kirwan Houston, TX

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At Facial Plastic Surgery Associates, our double board-certified facial plastic surgeons have extensive medical training focused solely on aesthetics. There are many different options, including Lumecca IPL, for facial rejuvenation so it is important to consult with a specialist. At your initial consultation you will meet with one of our physicians to design a treatment plan specific to your aesthetic goals. All Lumecca IPL treatments are performed by either Dr. Sean Delaney or a licensed clinical aesthetician under the supervision of Dr. Delaney.


There is a range of cost depending on the number of areas treated and if Morpheus8 is added to the treatment plan. A series of three Lumecca IPL treatments is recommended for best results and the cost range is from $1,000 to $2,000.


Lumecca IPL treatments are safe and comfortable. You will have your treatment in our lovely aesthetic treatment room and we will provide you with protective eyewear

Your desired treatment area(s) is first cleaned and prepped. A cool gel is applied to the treatment areas and is cleaned at the end of the treatment. A small handheld wand that emits therapeutic light pulses glides over your skin. The treatment wand features a sapphire tip that provides cooling for a comfortable and safe treatment experience.

You may feel a small sensation like a rubber band snap on your skin with the light pulse in some instances. The average session takes about 30 to 45 minutes. After the procedure you may return to your normal activities and apply makeup immediately, however you should stay out of the sun. You will experience very little or no swelling or redness. Sunspots will look darker for about 7-10 days as your skin expels the pigment.


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How is Lumecca IPL different than other IPL treatments?

Lumecca IPL is currently the most powerful IPL device on the market.  The number of treatments needed is approximately 3 to 4 rather than 6 to 8 with some other devices.  The length of time per treatment is also less and there is no recovery time.  

When will I see results?

After your IPL session the tone of the treated red and brown spots may darken after treatment over the next 24 hours. After 7 to 10 days, treated skin blemishes will peel or fade away, leaving behind a more uniform skin tone. Future age spots, freckles, and blemishes may reform as a result of sun damage and aging, but it is also always possible to treat new blemishes. Broken capillaries or other recurring conditions are not curable through light treatments but can be managed and reduced.

In our experience, a series of at least three treatments spaced 3 to 6 weeks apart provides the best, most consistent results.

Does Lumecca IPL treatment hurt?

IPL treatments are quite painless. Unlike most energy-based skin treatments, IPL treatments do not require numbing.  The device emits pulses of very bright light that can feel a little bit like a rubber band snap on the skin.

How often do I need to do IPL treatments?

To obtain the optimal results, we recommend three treatments spaced approximately 3-6 weeks apart. For maintenance, we recommend treatment every 3 to 6 months as well as consistent use of sun screen.

What skin conditions are best suited for IPL?

IPL can be used for many different skin conditions.  It can help improve skin tone and decrease hyperpigmentation like dark spots caused by sun damage and aging.  It can also help with redness, freckling and rosacea. 

How long does an IPL treatment take?

Lumecca IPL takes approximately 30 minutes per general treatment area.

What is the recovery like?

Recovery time from a session of intense pulsed light therapy is virtually nonexistent. The pulses of light do most of their work close to the surface of the skin, so the most common effect after a treatment is slight redness of the treated area. Redness may linger about an hour after treatment, but will soon resolve.

We recommend that patients avoid direct sunlight exposure for at least two weeks after each session and to liberally use sunscreen to protect the skin.

Who performs IPL?

At Facial Plastic Surgery Associates, Lumecca IPL is performed by Dr. Sean Delaney or Maria Alanis, licensed clinical aesthetician under the supervision of Dr. Sean Delaney.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Lumecca IPL?

If you have uneven, sun-damaged skin, or rosacea, you are a good candidate for Lumecca IPL. IPL therapy is not recommended for those who have freshly tanned or sunburned skin, are taking Accutane, or have other chronic health conditions that may impair healing.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.