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A nasal septal perforation is a hole in the septum, a dividing partition that separates the nasal cavity into two halves. This medical condition is quite complex, can occur for many reasons, and can cause patients a lot of problems. Perforated septum repair is technically difficult and few surgeons are willing to take on the challenge to do so. Triple board-certified Houston facial plastic surgeon and Otolaryngologist (ENT) Russell Kridel, MD, is recognized by his peers as the expert in septal perforation repair, and as such, lectures all over the world on his innovative methods. He has a better than 98% success rate in closing these difficult perforations and has performed hundreds of these successful surgeries. 

In addition, Dr. Kridel has pioneered the surgical repair technique that most other doctors use and has published over 20 scientific articles in peer-reviewed medical journals and textbooks. No other surgeon in practice today has the same level of expertise, experience, and publications in this specific surgery, which is why patients come from all over the globe to have Dr. Kridel fix their perforations, often after unsuccessful attempts elsewhere. Dr. Sean Delaney has extensive training in septal perforation repair under Dr. Kridel's tutelage and together they have published multiple peer-reviewed scientific articles on septal perforation repair.

What is a Septal Perforation?

A septal perforation is a medical condition where a “hole” exists in the nasal septum. If you have been told that you have a hole in your nose, you may wonder exactly what that means. The nasal septum is the normally solid cartilage wall that separates the inside of your nose into two distinct sides or nostrils. When that wall has a hole or perforation in it, the normal nasal air flow is disrupted and nasal bleeding, crusting and a feeling of breathing obstruction can occur, the hole can get larger, and the external nose can collapse. The hole in a perforated septum is actually a hole in three layers, because the cartilage in the septum is covered on each side by a tissue layer of mucosa; so the repair has to be of each of these 3 layers, making surgery more complex and difficult. Only an experienced septal perforation repair nose surgeon should be the one operating on you for this condition. Learn more about the causes and symptoms of Septal Perforation.

Septal Perforation Facts

Choosing the Right Surgeon

The average closure rate for septal perforation surgery for surgeons not properly trained is less than 50%. As the pioneer of the surgical technique to close perforations, surgeons throughout the U.S. and all over the world travel to train with Dr. Kridel in Houston to learn his unique and wildly successful septal perforation repair technique. Known around the world as “THE Nose Doc”, he has published over 60 scientific journal articles and textbook chapters on rhinoplasty, and more than 20 on septal perforation repair. Patients suffering from a septal perforation must understand that surgeon skill and depth of expertise is crucial for a successful outcome. It is also important to beware of reported high success rates by other surgeons when they haven’t published national and international peer-reviewed scientific medical journals articles to substantiate their results. Learn how to find the right septal perforation surgeon and ask the right questions.

Septal Perforation Surgeon

Septal Perforation Surgery

Since a septal perforation is a three-layered hole, all three tissue layers must be addressed and reconstructed during surgery. In addition, since many patients have a perforated septum as a result of a previous unsuccessful rhinoplasty surgery, Dr. Kridel frequently performs revision rhinoplasty surgery at the same time as the perforation repair. Success of a repair is based not only on the closure of the perforation, but also restoration of the physiological function of the nasal septum. In other words, Dr. Kridel wants to make sure the hole is closed, patients are symptom-free, AND that normal breathing is restored. In general, techniques that that utilize extensively mobilized, bilateral, intranasal mucosal advancement flaps and interposition and anchoring of a connective tissue-type graft, have the most proven success.Learn more about the septal perforation surgical process and Dr. Kridel’s unique approach.

Septal Perforation Surgery

Great communication throughout the reconstructive process., Dr. Delaney has been exemplary in his care of my surgical needs. I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of repair of a fractured nose and a deviated septum.

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Great communication throughout the reconstructive process. - Dr. Delaney has been exemplary in his care of my surgical needs. I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of repair of a fractured nose and a deviated septum.


Dr. Delaney has been exemplary in his care of my surgical needs. I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of repair of a fractured nose and a deviated septum.

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Very pleased with repair of septal perforation. - Dr Kridel (and fellows) performed a difficult surgery with an excellent result, and have been very interactive and supportive with me as their patient.


I was incredibly nervous when it came to getting my septal perforation repaired. Dr Kridel and all of his staff were supportive and made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process. They were able to answer all my questions and made sure I understood everything happening in terms of recovery and healing.



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Consultation and Diagnosis

Dr. Kridel,  Dr. Delaney and their team take great pride in providing a thorough consultation for every patient. During a ~ 2 hour appointment, our surgeons will use special instruments and digital technology to assess the inside of the nose to make a proper septal perforation diagnosis. They will discuss the test results and create a surgical plan to treat and close the perforated septum. It is common for our patients to leave their consultation feeling confident in the expertise and experience Dr. Kridel and Dr. Delaney have in performing this surgery to repair their septal perforation. Our patients often state that they feel comfort and relief knowing they are in the best of hands to address this very complex problem. Learn more about the septal perforation consultation and diagnosis process.

Septal Perforation Consultation

Patient Stories

A successful septal perforation surgery can be life-changing for a patient, especially when they have suffered debilitating symptoms for years. We are extremely dedicated to ensuring that each patient we serve has an exceptional experience. Dr. Kridel has changed the lives of countless patients from all around the world, giving them back a normal existence free of physical ailments, emotional pain and overall trauma where the nose is concerned. We are happy to share some of these stories with you.Read and hear what our happy patients have to say about their experience with Dr. Kridel and septal perforation surgery.

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