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Skin tightening featuring Ultherapy® technology allows women and men to improve the appearance of their skin without surgery. At Facial Plastic Surgery Associates, we continue our commitment to providing our patients with the most promising facial rejuvenation procedures and treatments available. With this philosophy in mind, we offer Ultherapy, an advanced approach to skin tightening treatments. Houston facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Russell Kridel was the first physicians in the Texas Medical Center area to offer Ultherapy for lifting and toning loose, lax skin. It is a terrific alternative for patients looking for a non-surgical cosmetic treatment to help address the effects of gravity in the aging process with no downtime.

What Sets Us Apart

At FPSA, your Ultherapy procedure will be performed by our facial plastic surgeon or a registered nurse under direct supervision of our surgeon. This provides patients with the peace of mind that they are in the hands of a physician who focuses solely on the neck and the procedure is done in the safety and comfort of a medical office environment. Our training and skill allows us to tailor your Ultherapy treatment to your specific needs rather than a one size fits all approach. No two people are alike, so it takes great skill and finesse to provide a treatment approach unique to each patient to provide the best possible facial rejuvenation outcome.

About Ultherapy

Ultherapy was first of its kind to be cleared by the FDA for non-invasive lifting of the eyebrow, neck and under the chin. It is now also FDA approved to improve décolletage lines and wrinkles as well. The Ultherapy procedure stimulates collagen production by delivering focused ultrasound energy to the skin’s foundational layer typically addressed in cosmetic surgery without cutting or disrupting the surface of the skin. In the clinical trial, 90% of patients had a significant lift of their brow line. The patients also reported firmer skin in other areas of the face and neck as well. Ultherapy uses micro-focused ultrasound waves for non-invasive tissue lifting of the brow, cheeks and neck. The sound waves deliver energy directed deep under the skin to the same tissue addressed in surgery. This gently heats the tissue to lift and tighten loose skin without cutting or disrupting the surface of the skin. This results in a lifting of the brow and jowls and a redefining of the jawline. Because the surface of the skin is not affected, there is no downtime with Ultherapy.

I did not notice a dramatic change as results are gradual but several friends who I had not seen for months commented that I looked as though I have had a face lift. Great procedure for those who don’t want surgery or any down time.

F.B. Office Visit

I chose Dr. Delaney to address my concerns regarding facial asymmetry. He has such a sense of quiet confidence, and I immediately trusted him. He was able to perform multiple facial and neck procedures all on the same day. He is talented, detail oriented, genuinely kind and caring. His bedside manner is calm, warm and welcoming. He treats you as if you are his only patient. He listens to your concerns and delivers the best possible surgical outcome. The office staff are all amazing and always willing to help. Dr. Delaney and his staff promptly answer all Emails and phone calls. I highly recommend Dr. Delaney for any facial procedures.

C.A. Google

I had a rhinoplasty/septoplasty & lip fillers with Dr.D. I am very happy with all of his work, everything heals nicely and looks natural.

Anonymous Healthgrades

Originally I'd planned to use Dr. Kridel, the doctor that performed my mother's facial rejuvenation in 2006. Her result was perfect, and now in her mid-70s still looks better than any woman I've ever met her age. Dr. Delaney felt like the natural choice for my facial surgery. I'm more than satisfied with my result, and I'm happy that I didn't wait until I was older to do it.

Anonymous Healthgrades

Highly recommend Dr. Delaney. The office staff are very professional also. I have had a procedure and injectables with Dr. Delaney and have been very happy with the results. Great doctor, and great bedside manner.

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Procedure Technique

Ultherapy is performed in the comfort of our beautiful medical offices at FPSA in our special tranquil laser treatment room. Depending on the amount of area you desire to have covered, the treatment can take 1 to 2 hours. Once the targeted areas to be treated are confirmed, ultrasound rays via a handheld device are administered to these areas. A smooth applicator is placed upon your skin which projects an image onto a screen to plan and direct where the energy will be sent. Then low levels of focused heat are delivered at just the right depth below the skin to achieve a positive effect, all the while leaving the surface of your skin undisturbed. During the procedure, patients will feel a mild warming sensation or prickling beneath their skin. This procedure does not cause pain nor does it cause discomfort in most cases. We make sure the patient is as comfortable as possible, so for some, numbing medication is preferred. Immediately after the treatment, you can go back home or to the office.

Expected Cost

The cost of an Ultherapy procedure depends on the location of the targeted areas, and can range from $1,250-$3,800.

About Us
Best Candidates?

Ultherapy is an ideal treatment for men and women with mild to moderate skin laxity. Patients often describe their skin laxity as skin that has “relaxed” or “sagged” to the point of looking and/or feeling less firm. Ultherapy has become a very popular treatment among patients, both young and old, who are not yet ready logistically, economically or psychologically for surgery. Ultherapy can also benefit younger patients who are taking a more proactive approach to the aging process and are looking to slow down the clock. This treatment allows them to maintain healthy collagen in order to help them stay one step ahead. Ultherapy is also a nice complementary treatment to other facial rejuvenation treatments such as injectables and fillers. For patients with significant skin laxity, the most effective solution is a facelift.

Quick Results?

Like all treatments, results can vary from patient to patient. However, with just a single Ultherapy treatment, the regenerative process has begun. Some patients express some immediate results, but the full effect will build gradually over the course of 2-3 months. Patients like the gradual, natural change that occurs over time and remark that their friends and co-workers don’t know that they have had anything done; just that they look more refreshed. Ultherapy helps slow down the aging process, with results lasting an average of 12-18 months.

Any Downtime?

There is no downtime following treatment with Ultherapy, and our patients are able to immediately resume all normal activities. There are no special measures patients need to take.

Bruising or Swelling?

Following an Ultherapy treatment your skin may appear a bit flushed immediately after the procedure has been completed, but any redness should disappear within a few hours. There is little to no swelling and rarely any bruising.

Is Ultherapy Safe?

Ultherapy is approved by the FDA, which means the safety and efficacy of the treatment has been proven. Ultrasound energy has a proven track record with use in the field of medicine for over 50 years. Clinical trials have demonstrated the safety of the different area applications.

How Many Treatments?

The majority of patients have just one Ultherapy treatment. In some cases, a second treatment is recommended. At 90-days post-treatment we will have you come back into the office for your follow-up appointment to photograph and review your results.

How is this Different?

Ultherapy utilizes ultrasound technology to address skin laxity. It is considered a skin tightening treatment rather than a skin texture or resurfacing treatment. At FPSA, we have several other excellent laser options to address improvement in texture, wrinkles, brown spots and scars. These include, Fraxel® Restore, Fraxel Repair, Fractionated CO2 and Full CO2. During your consultation, we will do a thorough examination, and provide a treatment plan recommendation that is tailored to your specific needs and facial rejuvenation goals.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.