Patient Thanks Dr. Kridel & Creates Site To Share Story

By: Dr. Russell W. Kridel


Dr. Russell Kridel is internationally recognized as one of the few experts in the surgical repair of septal perforation --- a condition that involves a hole in the nasal septum. He has written over 20 scientific journal articles and developed several innovative surgical techniques that have made him a recognized leader in this field. Septal perforation is a very complex problem. It can occur as a result of previous nasal surgery, trauma, cocaine use, septum piercing, cancer, excessive nose picking and disease such as syphilis, typhoid and tuberculosis. And when a septal perforation is present, a patient can have any number of uncomfortable and irritating symptoms that can make daily life more challenging. Such symptoms can include; bleeding, crusting, runny nose and a whistling sound within the nose. Dried blood may also accumulate within the area and lead to difficulty breathing. Because of the level of difficulty of septal perforation surgery, many physicians refer patients to Dr. Kridel. As a result, patients come, not only from the Houston area, but from all around the world for consultation and surgery with Dr. Kridel. At the one-year anniversary of his successful septal perforation repair surgery by Dr. Kridel, one of our patients from Spain wrote the following: "Dear Doctor Kridel, Today, One year after you operated me, I want to send you my greetings and my deepest grateful. I remember you very often. Every day whenever I breath, when I realize that my perforation is closed, I remember of you and I feel grateful for your expertise and your marvellous hands.?I will never forget you. I will never say you thank you enough times.?Thousands of thanks and best regards." ---J.G. 3/13 This patient has even created his own website, in Spanish, devoted to his journey from the struggles of living with a septal perforation, through his surgery with Dr. Kridel, and after the successful closure. Feel free to visit this fascinating site:

Photo series that shows hole in septum being measured before surgery and post surgery photos of the closed perforation

In addition, Dr. Kridel has a site which is devoted to helping educate patients, family and friends about this debilitating condition and how it can possibly be resolved. It is important for patients to seek proper medical attention for a perforated septum, as untreated larger holes may affect the structure of the nose and lead to physical deformities. If you or a friend has a septal perforation, please call us at 713/526-5665 for a consultation with Dr. Kridel.

--- Kirin Facial Plastic Surgery Associates, Houston TX

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