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Where do you use soft tissue fillers like Restylane? By- Dr. Kridel

RESTYLANE®: Made in Sweden, Restylane ® (Q-Med) is a hyaluronic acid product that lasts much longer than (Zyplast) when injected into folds around the mouth. For a more pronounced mouth, your doctor injects Restylane ® inside the upper and/or lower lip. This is often combined with the marking of the contour of the lip; your doctor injects Restylane ® gel along the lip line. This prevents lipstick bleeding into lines around your lips. Gel may also be injected in the lines that go toward the nose, for an optimal result. For more information please visit our website: http://www.todaysface.com/Procedures/Wrinkle_fillers.htm Contact us: 713.526.5665