Dr. Delaney and Dr. Kridel Unlock Secrets of Brow Lift 

By: Karen Butcher


At Facial Plastic Surgery Associates, Houston facial plastic surgeons Dr Sean Delaney and Dr. Russell Kridel have extensive experience performing Browlift surgery.  They have published extensively in medical journals and textbook chapters on this subject.

Many patients are either not familiar with brow lift (browlift) surgery or are not aware that there is more than one type of browlift.  This is a very exciting surgery.

Let’s delve into the world of brow lifts shedding light on the various types available and their respective benefits. As we age, our brows tend to undergo changes, with the outer regions often losing support and drooping, leading to hooding over the eyes. This can result in a tired or sad appearance, detracting from our natural vitality.

For men, it's generally acceptable for the brows to align with the eye sockets, while women ideally prefer their brows to sit at or slightly above this level. When addressing signs of brow aging, there are several options to consider:

1. Temple Brow Lift:

This procedure targets the outer regions of the brows, where early signs of aging often manifest. By making small incisions in strategic locations, we can lift the lateral portions of the brows, effectively addressing hooding in the temple region.

2. Endoscopic Brow Lift:

For more advanced aging, where the central portion of the brows has descended, an endoscopic brow lift may be recommended. This minimally invasive procedure utilizes an endoscope, a tiny camera mounted on a rod, allowing for precise visualization and manipulation of tissues. Five small incisions are typically made to lift the brows as a whole which provides a rejuvenated appearance. It's worth noting that an endoscopic brow lift may result in a slight elevation of the hairline, making it less suitable for individuals with a naturally tall forehead.

3. Trichophytic Brow Lift:

This approach involves making an incision along the hairline, following a natural pattern. By carefully lifting and repositioning the brows, a trichophytic brow lift (also known as a trichial lift) can achieve comprehensive rejuvenation. Importantly, the incision along the hairline offers the added benefit of potentially lowering or maintaining its position, making it an attractive option for those with a tall forehead.

Each type of brow lift has its unique advantages and considerations, and the optimal choice depends on factors such as the extent of aging, individual anatomy, and aesthetic goals. 

In summary, brow lifts offer a transformative solution for addressing signs of aging in the brow region, restoring a youthful and refreshed appearance. Whether opting for a temple lift, endoscopic lift, or trichophytic lift, the key is to choose a skilled facial plastic surgeon with experience performing each of these type of browlifts who can tailor the procedure to your specific needs ensuring optimal outcomes and satisfaction.

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