Dr. Kridel's MVP Lift sets the standard for a natural, yet youthful, look

By: Dr. Russell W. Kridel


Are you an MVP Candidate?
Do you feel like an MVP --- Most Valuable Player
but, when you look in the mirror you think you look more like an OHP --- an Over-the-Hill Player?

It is a fact of life that with time, our faces age. Yet, while our face may appear older, our inner spirit remains youthful and vibrant. We often have patients tell me that their outside doesn't match their inside --- they want their outer beauty to match their inner beauty. A facelift is a way to restore what time and gravity have stolen and to regain a more youthful appearance. It is like shifting the conveyor belt of aging back ten years. The aging process still continues, but you have a newer starting line. It is important to understand all face lifts are not created equal. First of all, the term, "face lift" (facelift), is actually a misnomer. In truth, a "face lift" is a face and neck lift, because it re-supports the cheek, jawline and neck. There are also different techniques that surgeons use for a facelift procedure based on their surgical skills and experience, some more effective than others. And the various heavily advertised Drive-Thru-style lifts do not last and some versions may leave unsightly scars or can alter the natural hairline. To achieve the most natural, long-lasting results, a face lift requires meticulous dissection done in layers. The sagging skin is repositioned and the underlying muscles re-supported, while the excess skin and fat is removed. Dr. Kridel, Houston, TX, takes a great deal of care to hide the incisions around the ear and back into the hair so they are virtually undetectable, while preserving the hair in front and behind the ears. He has written extensively in medical journal articles about this surgical technique that he developed, as well as trained surgeons from around the world so that they too can achieve better facelift results. One of the articles relating to hidden incisions can be found here in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery Dr. Kridel refers to this face lift (facelift) surgical technique as the MVP Lift. The medical terminology for MVP is Mulit-Vector Positioning Lift. However, it also refers to the fact that he tailors every MVP Lift to each individual to achieve the natural result you desire and to give you the MVP --- most valuable patient --- status that you deserve. Today many people have facelift surgery earlier, as part of a preventative maintenance program rather than a rejuvenation effort. Whether you want to go the prevention or the rejuvenation route is up to you. But, if you are tired of looking in the mirror and seeing your parents or grandparents face staring back, remember that an MVP Lift can give you a face that looks at least 10 years younger. Here is an example of one of our (Facial Plastic Surgery Associates) numerous MVP's.

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