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Dallas Woman goes to Houston for Ethnic Rhinoplasty with Dr. Kridel**

Procedure Details


Anatomical Differences

Dr. Kridel is sensitive to both individual and cultural differences in aesthetic perception and the expectations for nice surgical results. Rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most complex cosmetic surgery procedures. In the case of African American, Hispanic, Middle Eastern and Asian noses, the anatomical structures of the nose may be different than a Caucasian nose. Yet, the most popular facial plastic surgical procedure requested by Hispanic and African-American patients is rhinoplasty. It’s crucial that both the anatomy and aesthetic desires of the patients be taken into consideration in the surgical planning process. Patients from similar ethnic backgrounds can very easily want different levels of cosmetic changes. Dr. Kridel has a complete understanding of the patient’s desired level of maintaining their ethnicity, as well as a complete understanding of the ethnic variations in the anatomy. In addition, Dr. Kridel has pioneered ethnic rhinoplasty techniques that create balanced changes without significantly altering ethnicity. Many of these surgical techniques are now taught in medical schools.


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