Hispanic Woman Has Nasal Hump Smoothed with Rhinoplasty*

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Patients with various ethnic backgrounds often want to alter a genetic facial feature, most commonly their nose. However, having a Rhinoplasty does not have to mean that the surgeon has to take away all sense of ethnicity. Every nose is different and Dr. Kridel consults with each patient to determine the amount of nasal reshaping that is consistent with their facial structure and their goals for surgery, while maintaining a natural appearance consistent with their ethnicity. This Hispanic 25 year-old wanted her nasal hump removed to help achieve an overall improved appearance. Due to past injuries she had difficulty breathing. Following a rhinoplasty and septoplasty to fix her deviated septum, the patient is thrilled with the new look of her nose--and her breathing is much improved! She is pleased that her nasal hump was removed and that her nose is in proportion with her facial anatomy, while still remaining consistent with her ethnicity.

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Before Rhinoplasty

8 mo Post-Op Rhinoplasty

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Before Rhinoplasty

8 mos Post-Op

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