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Multiple Procedures Take Off Years!*

Procedure Details

This 61 year-old female was interested in overall facial rejuvenation, and was especially unhappy with her neck and chin. She said she felt much younger than she appeared. Though multiple procedures dramatically took off years from her appearance, she still looks natural and not "done up".

Multiple Procedures Work Well

Many patients wait until later in life to have facial rejuvenation procedures to address multiple concerns that make a person look older. This patient was concerned about her chin, excess skin and tissue in the neck, and sagging skin in her face and brow. Fortunately, multiple facial plastic procedures can be done by Dr. Kridel at one time. In this case the patient had an MVP Lift, browlift, upper and lower blepharoplasty, and a chin implant. While multiple procedures dramatically took years off of her appearance, she still has a natural look.



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