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Facelift and Endoscopic Browlift Work Well in Combination*


40 - 49

Procedure Details

Many Houston area men and women will make the decision to have a facelift (also known as rhytidectomy) to help reverse the visible signs of aging. The term “facelift” is actually a face and neck lift, because the surgery re-supports the cheek, jawline and neck. To achieve the most natural, long-lasting results, a facelift requires meticulous dissection performed in layers. During facelift surgery, sagging skin is repositioned, excess fat, tissue and skin are removed, and the underlying musculature is re-suspended with permanent sutures to make the lift last longer. Dr. Kridel’s and Dr. Sturm’s goal is to have an outcome that appears natural, not a tight “wind-tunnel” look. Therefore the skin is re-draped in an upward and slightly posterior direction to give a natural look to the face. Extra time is also taken to hide incisions around the ear and back into the hair, while preserving the hair in front and behind the ears. Improvements from an MVP facelift surgery last about 10 to 15 years. A facelift does not permanently prevent aging, but it does shift back the hands of time. The person who has a face lift never looks as old as they would have if they had not had the operation at all.

Multiple Procedures Work Well


Often patients have more than one facial plastic surgery, such as this patient who had a facelift and endoscopic browlift performed at the same time. When a patient is concerned about looking tired, they often have lax skin in the neck and jaw area as well as  in their forehead. You may think that your upper eyelids are the problem, when actually, it’s the forehead that’s pushing down the eyelids and giving a tired, angry look. Brow lift surgery is a permanent way to improve deep forehead wrinkles and support and reshape drooping brows that develop after years of facial expression. With the special MVP Lift technique for facelifts, Dr. Kridel achieves natural results with hidden incisions. As you can see from this woman's fantastic results, these procedures, individually and in combination, can remove years from an aging appearance.






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