The Best Post-Operative Care


One of the many things that makes Facial Plastic Surgery Associates and Dr. Russell Kridel unique compared to virtually all other cosmetic or plastic surgery medical practices in Houston, is our commitment to post-operative care.

When a patient has facial plastic surgery with Dr. Russell Kridel, the patient is seen the day after surgery, then multiple times over the course of two weeks post-operatively. The patient is also seen at the one month, 3-month, 6-month and at the 1-year mark as well. Dr. Kridel encourages patients to come in after one year as well. All of these visits are at no additional charge.

Why is this important? All patients are unique and heal differently. Dr. Kridel believes it is important to follow the patient closely so that he can provide the most appropriate care and at the most ideal time. For example, some patients heal in some areas faster than others, so stitches can be taken out in those areas, while others remain in place. By taking out stitches when they are ready lasting marks are avoided. In addition, by following patients closely, any issues in the healing process can be caught early and addressed immediately. Frequent visits also mean the incisions are kept really clean to help with the heal process. Patients also need to follow the post-operative instructions provided to them. By seeing patients more often, Dr. Kridel can help patients stay on track with their own regimen, as well as answer any questions they may have during the post-operative period. With such an eye to quality patient care, Dr. Kridel’s patients enjoy the most successful results.

Sadly, often when we see patients who have had plastic surgery performed elsewhere, they often comment that the number of times they saw their surgeon after their surgery was minimal and, in some cases, not at all. This is always disappointing to hear. Our philosophy is very different, and we are committed to the highest level of patient care --- before, during and after surgery.

They are also additional scientific benefits to long term follow-up care. Dr. Kridel has published extensively on facial plastic surgery procedures (from facelift to rhinoplasty to revision rhinoplasty to septal perforation repair to blepharoplasty to browlifts to chin and cheek implants to laser procedures to FaceTite, and to injectables) having published over 100 scientific journal articles and textbook chapters. Many of these are highly lauded articles that followed patients over a long term, in some cases as much as 20 years, and confirmed his surgical techniques result in long lasting successful outcomes. By doing research and sharing these results with other physicians, all patients benefit by raising the standards and the knowledge base.

Aesthetic surgery is a personal journey. Dr. Kridel and the entire FPSA staff stand side by side with you all along the way. We treat all of our patients as we would our own family members. To all of us, every patient is part of our FPSA family.

The level of commitment by Dr. Kridel is unprecedented and is best exemplified in the words of one our patients:

“Dr. Kridel and Dr. Caceres are perfectionists. They explained in detail my procedure. I had my facelift a week before Thanksgiving and Dr. Kridel had me come into his office on Thanksgiving Day to see how I was healing to check my stitches, if they needed to be taken out. I do not know any doctors that would come in on a holiday and weekends if it is not an emergency! That is the perfectionism and their standards in that office. Their entire staff make you feel very comfortable and are true professionals.” --- Marianna P.

Needless to say, if you are considering any type of facial plastic surgery, you will be in the best of hands with Dr. Russell Kridel and the entire FPSA team. We are here by your side every step of the way.

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