Rhinoplasty Computer Imaging with Dr Russell Kridel

By: Dr. Russell W. Kridel


Rhinoplasty and Computer Imaging go hand in hand. At Facial Plastic Surgery Associates, one of the most important parts of your nasal surgery consultation with Dr. Russell Kridel is Rhinoplasty computer imaging.

Rhinoplasty Computer Imaging:

We take numerous photos of your nose prior to your thorough medical examination with Dr. Kridel. Then, during your visit with Dr. Kridel you will not only have an opportunity to share your concerns with him, but he will also ask you questions as well. It is this back and forth conversation that helps him understand your goal for surgery. He will then use a Rhinoplasty computer imaging software tool to morph the original photos to help you visualize your potential surgical result. Dr. Kridel will review the imaged photos with you so that both of you will have a similar goal in mind. At the time of surgery, Dr. Kridel takes a copy of the imaged photos in with him to surgery.

Dr Russell Kridel comments on Kate Middleton's nose "Kate's nose is the #1 requested nose," says Dr. Russell Kridel.

Rhinoplasty computer imaging is a far more valuable tool than photographs from magazines. It is not uncommon for patients to bring photos of celebrities with them to the consultation. While it certainly provides a platform for discussion, Dr. Kridel prides himself in fitting a nose specifically to the individual and their anatomical features rather than one nose fits all or a nose that matches a different person’s face. With the growing popularity of the young royal family, the “Kate Middleton Nose” is currently the most popular request. But, as Dr. Kridel says, “Kate’s nose is meant for Kate, let’s make sure your nose looks like it is meant for you.”

Dr. Russell Kridel is often referred to as THE Nose Doctor, by other surgeons. He has pioneered multiple Rhinoplasty surgical techniques now used in medical schools and has written over 60 scientific medical journal articles and textbook chapters on Rhinoplasty.

Watch this video of Dr. Kridel speaking about the importance of computer imaging for Rhinoplasty.

--- Kirin, Facial Plastic Surgery Associates Houston, TX

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