Options for building up an underdeveloped chin

By: Dr. Sean Delaney


The chin’s projection, or how far the chin sticks out, can significantly impact a person’s appearance. Good chin projection helps balance facial proportions and serves as a good transition from the face to the neck when viewed from the side. The nose can look relatively larger when a person has an underdeveloped chin. Also, with a small chin, the jawline is not as appreciable. Since harmonious facial proportions and a well-defined neckline are desirable traits, those with smaller chins may wish to build up their chin projection.

There are three ways that we can build up the chin:

The first option is to build up the chin with dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are temporary and are a good option for trying out a new look. With filler injections, there is essentially no downtime. However, when larger amounts of filler are used, the results may appear slightly unnatural, as the fillers do not have a definite shape.

The second option is a chin implant. Chin implants are pre-formed 3-dimensional medical-grade implants placed either through an incision inside the lip or an incision under the chin. The results from a chin implant can be quite dramatic and are permanent. Recovery for this procedure is around five days.

The third option is a sliding genioplasty, where a larger incision is made inside the lip, and a bony cut frees up the chin bone, which is then moved forward and secured with plates and screws. The recovery for a sliding genioplasty is naturally more protracted than the chin implant.

There is not one single chin augmentation that is suitable for all comers. Each option has its pros and cons. Therefore, it is vital to see a board-certified facial plastic surgeon for an exam and discuss which option would best suit your individual needs.

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