Finally, Laser Hair Removal treatment that is fast and painless!

By: Dr. Russell W. Kridel


FPSA (Facial Plastic Surgery Associates) was one of the first plastic surgery practices in Houston to introduce laser hair removal over 10 years ago, but not since then have we been this excited about a new device for this procedure. The new LIGHTSheer™ Duet laser has advanced technology which has brought a major improvement in speed and comfort. Now, with the new LIGHTSheer Duet, it takes less time to do treatments with a lot less pain. For example, a full pair of legs can take less than 25 minutes with the Duet vs. 3 hrs for other laser types and a full back can take less than 40 minutes with the Duet vs. 5 hours. And, with Duet's increased comfort, most of our patients find that they do not need anesthetic numbing cream before their hair removal appointments. Plus, it is good for all skin types! With the LIGHTSheer Duet, it will still take an average of six to eight treatments to get to the point where you do not have to worry about shaving, waxing or plucking. But with the new Duet, treatments are fast and virtually painless, particularly on medium and larger areas, so you are in and out of each treatment in no time. If you have been thinking about having laser hair removal, you are not alone. Laser hair removal is actually the number one cosmetic laser procedure and is second to Botox in non-surgical cosmetic procedures in the United States. However, many patients have been reluctant to have the treatment because they have heard that it is painful and very time consuming. Just think, no more shaving and no more unwanted facial or back hair. So, if you've hesitated on laser hair removal in the past, hoping comfort would go up while treatment times went down, your time has finally come! As with other cosmetic rejuvenation treatments and procedures, Dr. Kridel is at the forefront and FPSA is the only plastic surgery or facial plastic surgery practice in the Texas Medical Center to offer the LIGHTSheer Duet.

Feel free to give us a call at 713/526-5665, and we can schedule an appointment, as well as, answer any questions you may have. Just think, no more shaving and no more unwanted facial or back hair!

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