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In his ongoing commitment to the specialty and to improving quality patient care, Dr. Kridel is a Fellowship Director for the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) Fellowship Program.

The AAFPRS Fellowship Program is considered the best post-graduate program in the world for training facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons and is widely respected by the medical community at large. Through this program, surgeons refine their surgical techniques and develop new skills and specialized knowledge in facial plastic surgery.

Dr. Kridel’s Fellowship Program is one of just 49 sanctioned programs across the United States and Canada and one of only two programs in Texas. Based on his reputation for superior surgical skills and innovative techniques, a fellowship with Dr. Kridel is one of the most sought after by the best and the brightest physicians that have graduated at the top of their respective medical training programs. He receives over 25 applicants each year from around the country just for the one position.

Dr. Kridel’s Fellows include:

Fred Aguilar M.D., Kenneth Buchwach M.D., Ed Szachowicz , M.D., Kevin Shumrick M.D., Richard Price M.D., Larry Marcus M.D., J. Raymond Konoir M.D., J.D. Gonzales M.D., Fred Bressler M.D., Bernard Pacella M.D., Hossam Feda M.D., Bruce Scott M.D., Suzanne Yee M.D., Kevin Lunde M.D., Leonard Covello M.D., Paul Evangelisti M.D., Paul Kelly M.D., Ali Rezaee M.D., Kevin Cavanaugh M.D., Edward Liu M.D., Michel Siegel M.D., Lee Klausner M.D., Peyman Soliemanzadeh M.D., Robert Chiu M.D., Edward Kwak M.D., Dominic Castellano M.D., Matthew Bridges M.D., Anand Patel M.D., Samir Undavia M.D., Angela Sturm M.D., David Burstein M.D., Eric Yavrouian M.D. and Christian Conderman, M.D.

Dr. Kridel and the Fellows have performed a tremendous service to the specialty through the research, development and dissemination of new procedures, improvement of patient care and the refinement of surgical techniques in facial plastic surgery.

Current Fellow

2016-2017 FPSA Fellow
Dr. Sagar Patel

Our fellow for 2016-2017, Dr. Sagar Patel, completed residency in Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery in 2016 at Wayne State University prior to joining Dr. Kridel for facial plastic surgery fellowship training. He received his Doctor of Medicine degree from University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine in 2011.

Dr. Patel is successful not only as a clinician but also a researcher. He has numerous peer reviewed journal publications and has been awarded multiple research grants. He was awarded a prestigious grant from the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery to evaluate the biomechanics of orbital floor fractures. Dr. Kridel has also invited Dr. Patel to co-author a scientific publication on leading edge facial plastic surgery technique during his fellowship year.

Dr. Patel is truly a global citizen having spent time living in Australia, the Middle East, New England, Mexico, Southern California and Michigan. He enjoys golfing, cooking, traveling and is an avid technophile. He is fluent in Spanish and Gujarati.

Dr. Russell Kridel's Commitment

Dr. Kridel discusses his commitment to teaching and the prestigious Fellowship Program