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Missing the Summer?

Are you missing the sun and summer like I am? Now is the time to plan for smooth skin by the summer!

Why now?
Laser hair removal only works on hair follicles that are in the ”growth” phase of the hair cycle. There are three phases of hair growth. These are anagen "growth", catagen "transition" and telogen "resting". The hairs in the growth phase have more pigmented cells around the follicle, which are what absorbs the laser. The number of hairs in the growth phase vary between people and location on the body. Therefore, multiple, treatments are needed to catch the follicles at the right point in the hair cycle.

These treatments are about one month apart, depending on the area of the body. Most people need 5-7 treatments. You will see improvements with each treatment. So, starting laser hair removal now can get you smooth legs, bikini or underarms for bikini weather!

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