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Patient Seeking Functional and Cosmetic Improvement Sees Great Results!*

Procedure Details

The overall goal of a rhinoplasty procedure is to provide a natural, aesthetically appealing nose that functions well. This young woman came to Dr. Angela Sturm looking for both functional and cosmetic improvement of her nose, specifically improved breathing and a straighter nasal profile. When she was younger, she experienced nasal trauma resulting in nasal obstruction and septal deviation. Complications from nasal trauma can include breathing issues, sinus trouble, and a crooked or otherwise altered appearance of the nose. To address her concerns, this patient underwent a rhinoplasty with alar base reduction, septoplasty, turbinate reduction and repair of nasal vestibular stenosis with Dr. Sturm. One month following her surgery, her breathing is great, her nasal dorsum is straight, and she is very happy!

Does Insurance Cover Surgery?

Insurance does not cover rhinoplasty because it is an elective, cosmetic procedure. Most patients also have septoplasty surgery performed at the same time to correct a septal deviation or other “functional” medical condition. Dr. Angela Sturm accepts most major insurance carriers for the functional portion of the surgery only. Patients are responsible for the cosmetic portion, and any other portion not covered by their insurance benefits.


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