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Nasal Hump & Bulbous Tip Improved after Nose Surgery*

Procedure Details

Tired of the hump and bulbous tip on her nose, 18 yr old sought cosmetic improvement as well as functional. Following successful rhinoplasty, septoplasty and turbinate surgery, patient was thrilled with natural looking nose that gave her increased self confidence and ability to breathe through her nose rather than her mouth.

Young female Rhinoplasty

This 18 yr old female had functional problems with her nose and had difficulty breathing through her nose as a result of a deviated septum. In addition, she did not like the asymetrical, dorsal hump and tip. Patient thrilled with results seen in 7 month post-op photo which shows symmetrical and refined nose and tip.

Patient is active in outdoor activities and thrilled to be able to breathe well through her nose following septoplasty and bilateral inferior turbinate surgery. In addition, she is thrilled with the beautiful aesthetic results from her open rhinoplasty that gave her the refined nose and tip she desired.


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