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Nose Surgery Smooths Hump & Repairs Injured Nasal Airways*

Procedure Details

This 19 yr old female had problems breathing and disliked look of her nose. Following rhinoplasty & septoplasty surgery she is thrilled that she can now breathe well and her nasal hump is gone and her dorsum is straight.

Hump Removed with Rhinoplasty

One of the most common reasons patients can't breathe well is because of a deviated septum, such as this patient. In addition, a significantly deviated septum can also be seen externally as a hump, particularly in a profile. Septoplasty surgery corrects the deviated septum and Rhinoplasty surgery corrects the cosmetic portion. After just 1 month after Rhinoplasty & Septoplasty surgery, this 19 yr old was thrilled with how straight and refined her nose looked and the fact that she could now breathe well again. With Rhinoplasty surgery, the majority of the swelling subsides by the first month, but the remainder of the swelling goes down over the course of the next several months.


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