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Houston Male has Rhinoplasty to Correct Hump & Nasal Size*

Procedure Details

This 28 yr old male had trouble breathing and disliked the overall size and shape of his nose. 3 months after Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty and Inferior Turbinate surgery, he can breathe and sleep well again and he really likes that the hump is gone and his nose is thinner and slight smaller, yet fits his face really well.

Male Rhinoplasty Success

This 28 yr old male did not like that he could not breathe well through both nostrils. This was due to a deviated septum and hypertrophied inferior turbinates which was corrected with Septoplasty surgery with turbinate reduction. In addition, he did not like the bony hump on the bridge of his nose and the overall size of his nose. After Rhinoplasty surgery the patient really liked his new nose. He felt he obtained his goal of getting ride of the hump on the bridge of his nose, as well as reducing the overall size while still looking natural. 
It is common for patients, including males, to have both cosmetic and functional surgery done at the same time. It allows the patient to only undergo anesthesia one time.


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