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San Antonio patient has Rhinoplasty to correct nasal injurie*

Procedure Details

32 yr old male from San Antonio disliked the look of his nose that developed after multiple sports and other injuries. He disliked the hump and felt as though his tip was too droopy. He is very happy with the results of his Rhinoplasty surgery to correct the cosmetic appearance and the septoplasty which corrected his deviated septum. His nose is now straight and his hump is gone, yet it looks natural.

Rhinoplasty Fixes Trauma

Many males who are active in sports have multiple nose injuries during their youth. Sometimes, they may not realize there was damage done internally, while others are more obvious fractures that may not heal well. More often than not, the injuries also result in difficulty breathing and cosmetic disproportion leading male patients to have corrective surgery both functional and aesthetic. This 32 yr old patient had a history of multiple nasal injuries that had an effect on his appearance and his breathing. Just 2 weeks after Rhinoplasty surgery, this patient was ecstatic that he could breathe well again after septoplasty corrected his deviated septum and hypertrophied turbinates. But, also thrilled with the look of his new nose which fit his anatomy well but no longer had a hump and the tip no longer drooped.


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