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Central TX Area female upper blepharoplasty helps sight*

Procedure Details

This 48 yr old female disliked the extra upper eyelid skin that resulted in her having to turn her head to see peripherally. In addition there was a deep wrinkle between her eyes that bothered her. After upper eyelid surgery, known as blepharoplasty was performed, she could see well again and her eyes looked more vibrant and refreshed aesthetically. Restylane injections were used to fill the deep wrinkle between her eyes.

Blepharoplasty improves sight

Both men and women can develop excess eyelid skin over time that can significantly decrease their field of vision. This 48 yr old female could not see well peripherally without having to turn her entire head due to heavy hooding of her upper eyelids. Following upper eyelid surgery, known as blepharoplasty, by Dr. Sturm, the patient was thrilled to be able to see well again peripherally. Dr. Sturm also used Restylane to fill the deep crease bothering the patient between her eyebrows.


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