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Facelift with Browlift, and Lower Eyelid Surgery*

Procedure Details

This 61 year-old Caucasian male was interested in improving the appearance of the loose skin of his neck to improve his self-image and confidence. He felt that he looked "tired" and wished to look more refreshed. Often patients have more than one facial plastic surgery, such as this patient who had a facelift, browlift, and lower eyelid surgery performed at the same time. When a patient is concerned about looking tired, they often have lax skin in the neck and jaw area as well as their forehead and eyelids. With the special MVP Lift technique for facelifts, Dr. Kridel achieves natural results with hidden incisions. As you can see from this man's fantastic results, these procedures, individually and in combination, can remove years from an aging appearance.

Multiple Procedures Work Well

It is very common for Dr. Kridel to combine facelift surgery with other surgical or non-surgical procedures. This can be quite beneficial to patients to avoid having anesthesia multiple times. Many patients also have submental liposuction done at the same time to remove the fatty pouch under the chin. Some patients also combine facelift with eyelid surgery, known as blepharoplasty, to remove the upper eyelid drooping and under eye bags.

A forehead or brow lift is different than a facelift. A brow lift is addresses the forehead and eyebrows which make up the upper one third of the face. The MVP facelift is really a lift of the lower two thirds of the face and neck. Therefore, for some patients combining the two procedures will be the optimal treatment plan.



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