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Dallas Woman goes to Houston for Rhinoplasty with Dr. Kridel*

Procedure Details

This 25 yr old female from Dallas traveled to Houston for Rhinoplasty with Dr. Kridel because of his reputation as the best Rhinoplasty doctor in Texas and his surgical skill & experience with ethnic noses. Following rhinoplasty, septoplasty and inferior turbinate reduction, this patient is thrilled with her results. Her nose looks natural and achieved her aesthetic goals.

Best Rhinoplasty Doc in Texas

Patients often travel from other states, cities and countries to have Rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Kridel. This 25 yr old  female traveled from Dallas to Houston for Rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Kridel because of his international reputation as one of the best Rhinoplasty surgeons in the U.S. and because of his surgical experience with ethnic rhinoplasty. He is often referred by other physicians as The Nose Doc or The Doctor's Doctor.
Thi patient was thrilled with the results of her rhinoplasty. She felt her new nose was in better harmony with her facial features while remaining true to her ethnicity.


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